25: Solving problems or maintaining solutions

by youngrebels.com Thursday, Apr. 25, 2002 at 2:19 PM

This is a call for revolution We exist within a community of life Our choices influence the course of existence Are we leading or are we being led Will we choose peace or war

25: Solving problems or maintaining solutions

What happens if an expert is not concerned with a peaceful and healthy future? Experts who choose to be dominators no longer try to solve problems. Instead of solving problems, the dominators maintain their solutions in order to secure their status within a war of all against all. It is easy to provide a solution by creating or maintaining a problem.

The transition of military experts from peaceful leaders to dominators provides an example. Individuals usually become military experts when there is a threat to the course of peace. Military experts allow people to live peacefully without constantly being destroyed or controlled by dominators. If military experts succeed as peaceful leaders, then war and destructive domination within the circle of life will be reduced.

In times of peace, many of the military experts can return home to their loved ones. Former military experts can become peaceful leaders in many different aspects of life. We should respect the service of military experts by exploring all options of peace.

However, some military experts don't pursue peace. Some military experts choose to become dominators. For military dominators, peace threatens their solution and status. Military dominators want war and violence to be maintained. They promote a war of all against all. If individuals can be led to believe military problems exist then the solutions of military dominators will be supported.

This dominator strategy becomes very suspicious when only specialized military dominators are able to recognize and identify military threats used to justify certain military solutions. It also can lead to confusion when a military solution is justified by a military threat that only exists as a military solution to the military threat established as the solution. At what point do we stop trying to protect ourselves from military domination by becoming dominators ourselves? Is war a healthy option within a community of life?

We should be able to rely on expert leaders to help us with our choices, but some experts are determined to lead us into misguided decisions. How can we make our choices based on the assistance of expert leaders supporting and maintaining a war of all against all? Can we be confident the needs in our lives are even being considered? Are we sure our expert leaders are still on the same team?

This is an important realization when thinking about our lives. Are we able to make good decisions if the information given to us may or may not be intended to help us? Do our experts try to solve problems or do they create and maintain problems? We can look to our expert leaders for guidance, but they will never abolish the need for individual thought and leadership.

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