9 nepalese police killed by rebels

by mlm Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2002 at 1:02 PM
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Nine policemen killed in Gorkha

KOL Report

KATHMANDU, April 16 – Nine policemen have been killed in a Maoist raid on a police station in remote part of Gorkha district, government sources said Tuesday evening.

According to news reports reaching here, the nine policemen, including a sub-inspector and two assistant sub inspectors, were killed when a group of Maoists attacked a police post in Barpak Village, several hours walk away from the district headquarters, early yesterday evening.

The dead including one sub-inspector, two assistant sub-inspectors, two head constables and four constables. 18 other policemen at the post were unharmed.

Radio Nepal meanwhile reports that the Maoists looted all the weapons from the police post and set it on fire. The surviving policemen were rescued by security forces today and that troops had launched a massive manhunt for the Maoists. Its not clear if the Maoists suffered any casualties in the fighting. (rk)

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