Homeless Rounded Up In Long Beach

by A-Day Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2002 at 2:02 AM

Long Beach Pigs round up over 100 homeless to make long beach look "pretty" for the tourists attending the annual grand prix

The long beach pig department has done it again. KIlling and beating people is just not enough for them, now they have gone after the homeless.

This weekend over 100 homeless people who reguarly live in long beach and hang out in Lincoln park were rounded up in a police sweep to clean the city before the annual grand prix was to begin.

When long beach food not bombs went to lincoln park to serve the annual sunday meal, they found an empty park with a pig cruiser parked in the middle of it. When questioned as to why this pig was parked in the middle of the park his response was "because I can"

On the corner of 15th and pacific, food not bombs found a small group of their homeless comrades in a small park. They told food not bombs the story of how nearly 100 homeless now rot in LOong Beach jail for the crime of being poor. Many of these people will be in jail for up to 60 days.

Food Not Bombs and Cop Watch will be following up on this and will do something about this situation, however in the mean time they ask that you do a few things if you care.

1. call the long beach press telegram and demand that they print a story about the situation ( they have allready talked with them, in particular Wendy Thomas, and they said that they might get around to doing a story on it). Maby with some harassment they will actually do it.

2. call the long beach pig department and give them some verbal abuse just to let them know that we all know what their up to.

Untill later updates.

A-Day (Southern Kalifornia Anarchist Alliance)

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