How to be welcome by IMC Germany and Austria (by Latuff)

by Latuff Saturday, Mar. 23, 2002 at 1:39 AM

Before to post anything related to Palestine on IMC Germany and Austria, take a look on this quick guide.

How to be welcome by...
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1 - Feel free to support Palestine, but not so much. Avoid to refer to Palestinians are "brave", "fighters" and etc.

2 - Historical comparisons between Israeli policy towards Palestinians with any other opressive regime is "verboten" (prohibited).

3 - Pinochet, Suharto, Bush...usually we are used to call them criminals, murderers, butchers, assholes, etc. But it's not allowed when we are talking about Ariel Sharon. Do not call him names.

4 - Do not depict Palestinians as victims. They are Allah-guided-suicide-terrorists. Israel is only protecting their citizens.

5 - If you don't want to get harassed by pro-Israel IMC readers, rend some good comments on Israel. Probably it will be a hard task, but try hard. It will please mostly of readers from IMC Austria and Germany.

6 - Forget about occupation and massacre of civilian population by Israel Defense Force. Instead, post some critical articles about Hamas and Islamic Jihad (NOW you are free to call them names). Some slight attack on Muslim fundamentalism will be nice as well.

7 - Watch out with images. Photos and, basically, cartoons of IDF soldiers slaughtering Palestinians are only propaganda and possibly will be censored after many cries of "anti-Semitism" and stuff.

Following these simple and easy 7 steps, your post on both Austrian and German IMCs will be welcome.

However, if you are looking for freedom of speech, justice and independence to the Palestinians, STAY AWAY from IMC Austria and Germany. There are lots of REAL independent media centers.

Remember: Worst than conservatives, are fake progressives.

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