More VisionTV Programs on 911 -- Featuring Mike Ruppert

by joy without illusion Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2002 at 6:00 AM

Read this communique from Barrie Zwicker, host of VisionTV's Mediafile Insight!

From: "Barrie Zwicker"

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Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 9:03 PM

Subject: FYI from Barrie Z

> The message below went out tonight to the 500+ people who e-mailed

> thanks and support for my series "What Really Happened on Sept. 11th?"

> There's some new info in here that may interest you about tonight's

> MediaFile and the one-hour special coming on Thursday. (I'll be

> responding individually to the six individuals who took issue with my

> series.)

> BarrieZ


> "Dear Fellow Human Becoming:


> Thanks so much for your support for my "What Really Happened on Sept.

> 11th?" series. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. You're

> one of more than 500 individuals who contacted me. I'd like to thank

> each of you individually. That's not possible. It's a life-changing

> experience for me to receive so much gratitude and encouragement. Quite

> a few brought a lump to my throat.


> Your overwhelming message is gratitude that I, with the backing of

> Vision TV, have dared to question the "official theory" (as I call it

> now) on what happened Sept. 11th on a major media outlet, and state that

> the official version is "frankly implausible." This has struck a huge

> chord. I am privileged to be an agent of validation. I've known the

> feeling of frustration from the other side most of my life!


> VIDEO AVAILABLE: Many inquired whether the commentaries would be

> available on video. The answer is yes. "The Great Deception," a

> 39-minute VHS cassette has just become available for .95. You can

> order through (click on "Vision TV Boutique") or call

> toll-free to 1 800 967 7741. All proceeds go to Vision's programming

> budget.


> A donation to Vision TV will also be most appreciated. No corporation or

> government "supports" us, so we have to make it on "our own" - which

> means only with your help. Vision TV is Canada's only independent

> not-for-profit public TV broadcaster, available in about 8.5-million

> cable and DTH households.



> attention to an exciting one-hour special edition of Vision TV Insight's

> MediaFile, featuring Michael Ruppert, an extension of my "What Really

> Happened on Sept. 11th?" series. This special will air this Thursday,

> March 14th, at 9pm Eastern. It will be repeated at 11pm, and on the

> following day, March 15th, at 7am and 1pm and again Saturday, March 16th

> at 8pm (all times Eastern).


> Michael, as most of you will know, is the former Los Angeles Police

> Department detective who risks his life to expose CIA and other high

> level wrongdoing. He's the founder of From The Wilderness Publications

> ( Panelists with him on the special are three leading

> Canadians - a senior journalist, a peace activist, and the former

> chairman of the oversight committee for Canada's CSIS intelligence

> agency. The program is moderated by VisionTV Insight's Executive

> Producer, Rita Deverell.



> six-month anniversary of 9-11. TV programs and print coverage are in

> full commemoration mode. All, so far as I know, accept the official

> version of the events of that day. In my commentary on MediaFile

> (10:30pm Eastern) I take issue with the government/media line, and the

> perverse use of dead NYC firemen to reinforce The Great Deception. I lay

> out the truth about Pearl Harbor and note the striking parallels with

> 9-11. This half-hour program will be re-broadcast Thursday March 14th at

> 7am and 1:30pm, and again on Friday March 15th at 1:30am.


> PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD to as many people as you can about the special,

> about the availability of the video and about tonight's program.


> This e-mail is going out with "recipient list suppressed." I will *not*

> not share your address with any third party without your express written

> consent.


> If you can facilitate publication of a print advertisement promoting the

> video, please e-mail me with "AD INFO PLEASE" in the subject line. I'll

> have digitized files sent to you or the publication.


> Again, deep thanks to you all. Be skeptical, be brave, be part of the

> thunder that will loose a cleansing cloudburst of disclosure within our

> lifetimes.


> Barrie Zwicker, Producer with and

> Host, VisionTV Insight: The MediaFile Edition


> "The greatest gift is to have joy without illusion." --Bertrand Russell


> PS - You might be interested to learn who you (the 500+) are. About

> two-thirds of you are Canadian. Most of the rest of you are U.S.

> citizens. It's clear that all of you are, to one extent or another,

> wonderful, well-informed, skeptical, worried, frustrated, often angry.

> (That both U.S. and Canadian citizens share these concerns is another

> reason I bristle when anyone tries to put me down with that tired

> "You're just anti-American" line.) Others have e-mailed from Italy, the

> UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Israel,

> sharing the same concerns. There's a global sentiment. This is the kind

> of globalization I like.

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