Black Bloc Ruckus at Taco Bell HQ

by SKAA Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2002 at 6:19 PM

Ruckus explodes at the Taco Bell Headquarters

IRVINE - Protesters gathered outside the Taco Bell corporate headquarters earlier this afternoon to protest the exploitation of striking migrant farm workers who have fallen under the yoke of Taco Bell.
In support of their stuggle, Black Bloc Anarchists and other militant activists surrounded the building on two occasions, blocking the exits, playing drums and chanting "Taco Bell, go to hell". The Black Bloc tagged and pounded on the windows, and attempted to barricade the street with dumpsters (they were thwarted by a lone "militant peacenik" who pushed the dumpsters back, and later pushed an anarchist away from a trashcan which s/he was attempting to throw in a fountain.)
On the second march around the building, Anarchists attempted to storm the lobby while their comrads blocked off both main exits. There was a scuffle between the protesters and corporate executives/security, which ended shortly.
"This is just the beginning," said one masked freedom fighter, "Taco Bell will wither and decompose in the blood they've drained from their workers."
One police officer said "Where's a Del Taco? I'm not for your cause or anything, but Taco Bell tastes like shit."

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