Revolutionary Graffiti Front!

by rtf Friday, Dec. 14, 2001 at 5:34 AM

Who is the Revolutionary Graffiti Front? We are engaged in form of Guerrilla Art, as a tactic to increase the political awareness of individuals and communities about the daily exploitation and injustice that exist within today's corporate capitalist society.

Revolutionary Graffi...
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Together, we can shock those who've become oblivious, out of their oblivion. We must awaken the minds of those who've become manipulated and deceived by the dirty games of pop culture and corporate mainstream propaganda.

Our weapon is a dynamic tactic, ART. Guerilla Art. Our objective is to awaken, influence, encourage and generally gain the attention of communities. Our target is capitalism. We seek to deface, and uncover the lies of those which represent the unfortunate dominance of mass marketing, mass production and efficiency in American commercial society.

Please visit the site, learn more, participate, take action!

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