Community Infoshop In Long Beach Needs Your Help

by Rampage Tuesday, Nov. 06, 2001 at 3:06 AM

The long struggle to get a space for community organizing is finally over. We have a place now in Long Beach on Redondo and 7th street.

Local activists are leasing a shop in Long Beach for the community to organize and enjoy themselves. We are going to have freestyle, hip-hop, punk, and open mic nights. The shop itself will be selling literature, distribute flyers, etc. We are thinking about putting in a DSL line so that the community can have local internet access. We also would like the space to be used for activist groups to have meetings in, or just to generally utilize the space. We do need donations, and tools to borrow so that we can fix the shop up and make shelves, etc.(See bottom for materials we still need). Feel free to come by and visit the shop. It's on 7th and Redondo in Long Beach.It's called A Occassions. We are usually there 24-7 (We have a lot of work to do). We hope this will be a space where we can bring our community together.


Materials Needed





Misc Tools

Computers or computer parts


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