Education of Fools Exposed

by Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger Saturday, Oct. 27, 2001 at 4:59 PM
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The proliferation of stupidity proceeds exponentially in the dumbed-down America of the computer age.

My Daddy said that there is no point in arguing with Bush Daddy over whether or not his kid is qualified to clean the toilets at the White House if the Storm Troopers of America already have him sitting in the Oval Office. Since Bush Daddy claims that his kid has a grade school diploma, I would still like to see that even if it takes at least a high school diploma to clean those toilets. Bush Daddy claims that dyslexia is to blame for his kid coming out of an Ivy League school talking like a hick; but he probably doesn't understand that the manifestations of dyslexia are something that had to be detected, analyzed, and addressed early in childhood. Anyway Bush Daddy now claims that his kid is going crazy about how "America Plays War" Id=74087, for the mainstream media can't seem to get anyone to support the war or oppose the war, except for the lawless ones who probably brought it about. It seems like Bush Daddy has also stopped holding his kid's hand (see Id=64528), and maybe that is why his kid is distressed. In light of this the stupid ones that prevail in America are terrified that their bogus academic credentials are going to be exposed; and they are going to end up paying back their employers every penny that they took from them. On campus I have also noticed that they have probably taken the procurement of bogus academic credentials to new heights.

Last week there was an article in The Ithaca Journal describing how Cornell was concerned about increasing the number of minorities on campus since they don't have enough now. Then Bush Daddy tried to get me to start trouble with the Chinese student issue by talking about them himself. The truth of the matter is that there are (or were) a heck of a lot of Chinese students on campus. It seems like they were not claiming minority status at all; thus there was no way for the university to determine how many there were. Another funny thing was that a lot of them could not understand english at all; thus it seems like the issue that needed to be addressed was not increasing minorities but opening their eyes to see what was really happening. I am sure that this scenario is not restricted to this campus or the Ivy League; but it is probably a universal problem throughout the country, resulting in bogus degrees being awarded to minorities and non-minorities who are lacking in intelligence to an extreme. Meanwhile these non-english- speaking students have disappeared from the scene. Maybe they have taken a leave-of-absence to learn english from "Rambo" or Clint Eastwood.

What is happening today is nothing like the "Morons America Style" Id=46750 of yesteryear who would just have the Storm Troopers or Skull and Bones swear on their mother's grave that this or that degree candidate had a "brain", and the degree would appear "out of the blue". Now we have students actually getting degrees for learning the mere basics of the language used at the school. I mean some of these students cannot speak or understand more than a handful of english words. They must have fabricated SAT scores obtained from a bogus college board testing site. They must obtain the answers to every test in advance, and their papers are probably purchased rather than written. Via self-esteem and "dressing for success"; these educational imposters can obtain a degree even if they never learned to speak english that well in the time it took to obtain the degree. Since they are probably masters are explaining away their obvious lack of intelligence, they probably survive in the workforce by gradually learning on the job. Although I was deaf when I went through an Ivy League school, I was prepared to explain away my professed lack of interest by proving my knowledge of the material on the spot whenever it was necessary. What can schools do to stop this proliferation of stupidity in the workforce?

There are many steps that can be taken; but it should start at the schools. Let them go back to calling on students to read passages from the texts. The professors will be able to see immediately what their intellectual capabilities are. As far as testing goes, it has always been possible for someone to obtain details of a test from those who took the same test earlier in the day; thus varied tests or same time testing have been the only way to counter that. If computers are involved at all in the production of the tests, it is probable that cheaters can obtain these tests in advance via the use of restricted access codes. It is probably even possible to obtain pertinent test information from some copy machines via computer. These imposters probably feel that their lawless use of the computers is proof enough that they are smarter than the school system. Oral exams might be the only foolproof answer to what ails higher education, for just picking random material from a topic will determine if a student has a good grasp or a poor grasp of all of the material in the topic. Even in instances where the class is very large, it is still possible to determine whether or not each student knows all the material or just part of it by randomly selecting a portion of it and testing the students individually in person. Since people lacking in intelligence should have never gotten into colleges to begin with, the admissions offices certainly need to do a better job of judging who they are admitting to school. If necessary they could have the students fill out their application forms in person. Since there obviously seems to be flaws in the college board testing process for stupidity to proliferate like this, the scores should be verified via embossed test results from valid sites that cannot be altered in any way. Last but not least, professors might want to vary the method and mode of testing from year to year so that an imposter could not cheat by obtaining critical information from someone who had taken the course before.

As I made clear in "Do Something! Quick!" Id=62855, schools have not published lists of their living alumni for 35 years now. I have found that most of them do provide information on graduates if you specifically request it; but I feel that this restricts this information to those who might be supporting those with bogus credentials. The people who are being forced to tolerate stupidity from imposters are the ones who are most likely to do something about it. If a school has been duped into conferring a degree on someone who was not qualified for it, they may actually be able to retract that degree if there was any falsification of the credentials that were used by that person to obtain admittance to the school. There really seems to be no rational reason to conceal who has graduated from a school, and the restrictions on this information are probably something dreamed up by the doofuses themselves.

Yes the dumbing-down of America has made such great strides that an illiterate Thoracic Surgeon can play psychiatrist; and "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It" Id=41739(see also Id=76394). The scenario can be altered though; it can be changed. The schools are accountable for what they have produced. The employers are due every penny that has been stolen from them as a result of professed qualifications that were not there. The imposters will find themselves out of a job, and their previous experience will be worthless. It will be an education that these fools will never forget, for the fool will be called noble no more.

PS: Now as I enter the second day of posting this article, I will be visiting sites where problems have occurred with past posts. Let it be known that since 1989 my words have shaped this world more than anyone else because I have revealed things that have been hidden. Things that have been made known from the beginning, but then hidden. As you should know, there is nothing hidden that shall not be made known (Matthew 10:26). If you are hiding my articles, claiming that this is not local news; you are probably trying to isolate your "den of iniquity" and preserve your lawlessness; thus you are making known your allegiance to evil. Concerted efforts to block these posts reveal the same. Enjoy your game while you can.

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