Audio Activists ULTRA-RED Performed At PLAN's "The Next Agenda" Conference

by ULTRA-RED / IMC-LA Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2001 at 1:14 PM

The conference concluded with a mesmerizing bilingual multi-media performance by audio activists Ultra Red, featuring spoken word along with processed audio and video, and dealing with themes of border life, culture and politics, including border crossings, music-making and the day-laborers union.

Audio Activists ULTR...
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Founded in 1994, Ultra-red are audio activists producing radio broadcasts, performances, recordings, installations and public actions, or public space occupations (PS/o). The group's work radicalizes the conventions of electro-acoustic and ambient music to explore acoustic space as enunciative of social relations.

With a fluid membership determined by collaborations between electronic musicians and grass-roots political groups, Ultra-red has developed projects around a variety of urban ambiences including needle exchange (Soundtrax, 1996), public sex (Second Nature, 1999), public housing (Structural Adjustments, 2000), issues around globalization (Value System, work in progress) and labor.

Ultra-red have released CDs and albums on Comatonse Recordings in Oakland, California and Mille Plateaux in Frankfurt, Germany.

Original: Audio Activists ULTRA-RED Performed At PLAN's "The Next Agenda" Conference