protesters might do well to actually illustrate how "military strikes" look

by anon Monday, Oct. 08, 2001 at 11:14 PM

Protests are usually designed to speak to policymakers and elite and "mid-elite" implementers of such policy. Yet puppets, posters, and the same old yells get pretty tired after awhile, and surely can be dismissed as the usual adolescent whines. How about doing something more, at least? Like illustrating exactly what it means when u.s. bombs hit "military targets."

Here's the idea:

Chalk or spraypaint all areas which the u.s./nato would consider to be "military targets" were the u.s. itself suddenly switched with Afghanistan. This tactic might "bring home" exactly what kinds of devastation is made by cruise missiles and the like on "military targets".

Activists could accompany each day's attacks with a theatre of sorts. So, say that one hears about how many bombs are dropped in Kabul, etc. (like 15 cruise missiles) Activists then undertake illustrating what that would "look like" here, with chalk or spraypaint across the area of explosions (if on target), the additional concussion area (from killer type to just blasting out windows), etc. Get some of those dissident veterans to help you.

Also, activists themselves could put *puppets* (made to look like what nearby residents look like) in a grisly, but realistic setting.

If this kind of situation could be staged all across each city of the nation, it might do a lot more than these same old "marches" and walks in circles ever do. Think about it. And do please pass this around to other IMC's etcetera, if you think it has merit (I don't have the time to pass this around).

Original: protesters might do well to actually illustrate how "military strikes" look