Perspective for the uncivilized world

by Hamilton IMC Thursday, Oct. 04, 2001 at 7:17 PM

Evil Empire – Innocent Citizens - This article is very interesting.

I belong to the uncivilized part of the world. I am not ashamed to conceal the fact that

my first reaction on seeing the destruction of Pentagon and WTC Towers was

jubilation. For that matter, it was the reaction of the overwhelming majority of our

people. The mighty power on earth was slapped on it’s face!

But, when we witnessed the T.V. images of people jumping from the towers, wailing

women and people running for their lives…. we really felt bad. Especially, when we

realized that a sizable section of the people killed were ordinary workers, we were back

to our senses.

Because you know, we are not civilized enough to watch this horror in the T.V. Screen,

munching Chocolates and sipping Coke, as America did during the “Operation – Desert

Storm”. ....

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