Corruption Within U.S. Customs Over Drug Trafficking Exposed!

by SJA Friday, Aug. 03, 2001 at 11:25 PM

Lawsuit by ex-agent alleges 0,000 bribes to customs officials/18 wheel rig hauling cocaine into U.S. from Mexico, also destruction of computer evidence, preferential treatment for some druglords by customs agents and other allegations.

Just released from are allegations that agents of the U.S. Customs Service were involved in extensive corruption on the U.S./Mexico border, most of it occuring on the U.S. side. An ex-Customs agent filed a lawsuit against the agency alleging corruption involving drug trafficking. The lawsuit implicates the U.S. Customs Service for being involved in" rampant and systematic corruption at the U.S.-Mexican border". This includes alleged 0,000 bribes to customs officials for each 18 wheel truck hauling cocaine into the U.S., destruction of computer evidence by U.S. Customs agents and preferential treatment for some drug-lords by agents, such as the sale of " Get Out of Jail Free" cards among other allegations. Read the full account of this story on the site.

Original: Corruption Within U.S. Customs Over Drug Trafficking Exposed!