Police: Genoa Protester Who Was Shot Is Dead

by Reuters Saturday, Jul. 21, 2001 at 2:10 PM

A protester lies dead on the road after being shot by Italian police during rioting in central Genoa July 20, 2001. Police fired live rounds, tear gas and used water cannon in an attempt to disperse the thousands of protestors who are demonstrating against the G8 summit. Photo by Dylan Martinez

Police: Genoa Protes...
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Friday July 20 12:30 PM ET

Police: Genoa Protester Who Was Shot Is Dead

GENOA (Reuters) - A protester who was shot on Friday during rioting at a Group of Eight summit in Genoa has died, an Italian police spokesman said.

Earlier, a Reuters photographer saw the protester get shot twice by paramilitary police after throwing a fire extinguisher at a police van as anti-globalization demonstrators clashed with police in the port city.

The demonstrator fell to the ground and then was run over by a Carabinieri jeep, the photographer said. It was not known whether he had died.

The incident occurred amid rioting in the Mediterranean port city on the first day of a three-day Group of Eight summit.

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