LA Hip-Hop and Street Culture Must Send Message

by Umar ben-Ivan Tuesday, Jul. 10, 2001 at 9:25 AM

For far vtoo long the LA street and rap scene has been sending a negative message to the streets of America, leaving it up to mostly east coast rappers to send a positive vibe.

It is LA that exported the Bloods and Crips to the rest of Americas which resulkted in the deaths of tens of thousands in America. Most in the leftist community probbably do not know this because they are more concerned about Zapitistas than they are about their next door neighbors.

The music of LA glamourized the gang-banger lifestyle and attracted many middle-class youth. It was long taboo in the west coast to rap about anything educational, positive or upliftng for fear of being labeled a New York wanna-be, however some brave souls did.

Because LA has the terrible sin upon her of being the homeland to these two exported street menaces, the problems of ghetto America may be able to be greatly helped from Los Angeles. If the Bloods and Crips where reformualized, and turned into a positive revolutionary force working outside of the system then society can be changed for the better.

Since LA rappers glorified the bad, a new LA rapper needs to be promoted that promontes the good.