Letter to San Diego Union-Tribune

by biodev2001 Friday, Jul. 06, 2001 at 3:39 PM

"San Diego Police hit a home run..." This is a letter I sent in response. Stephanie

Letter to San Diego ...
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Dear Editor-

You must be kidding about the police hitting a home run. I am a 41 year old

mother and my daughter and I participated in the march of 1500 concerned

citizens about the effects of the biotech industry on our health and

environment. Contrary to the popular myth that the police role is to ensure

our right to free speech, I found their job to be invasive, intimidating and

insulting. What a rude attitude the police had. I heard them disparage

activists by saying how ugly we all are and other sophomoric attitudes and

behaviors. I have read the police misconduct report filed by my 50 year old

friend who was verbally and physically assaulted by 4 police officers. I

also was disgusted to see probably as many cops as protesters at most of our

events. When pushing my daughter in her stroller I looked up and saw armed

officers with their guns pointing down on us as we walked by! I have photos

if you wish to see them. How dare they be so hostile and provocative! If

anyone was in danger in San Diego it was the activists and any unwitting

passer by to which the military personnel mistakenly arrested for wearing

black could attest. Since when did it become against the law to wear black?

Why is the US populace so willing to turn over their rights to an ever

increasing police state? If the police were preparing since last November

then their intelligence was pathetic. There were about the same numbers in

Boston at the same event last year. Why after months of planning and

millions of dollars were they so uninformed about a crowd of freedom loving,

patriotic, non-violent activists? Great use of tax dollars folks!

Stephanie Jennings

San Diego, CA


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