San Diego Biotech2001- BioFact or Biofizzle??

by Julie Saturday, Jun. 30, 2001 at 12:37 AM


Thanks for all the neat pics of the truly enlightened! San Diego really rolled out the red carpet for all the slim that hoped to spread their excrement onto the city streets and whomever got in the way. I loved the Frankenstein costumes and the girl dressed as an ear of corn... My kids were actually jazzed up that San Diego would be some kind of war zone but they quickly lost interest, like the rest of everyone else!!! My husband is stationed overseas and didn't even know what was up....I guess it's safe to go into McDonalds and Starbucks (I love their wafers, don't drink coffee, sorry). Say, what exactly were you protesting? I have a degree in biology but I didn't hear one single account of what exactly was the protestors concerns??? Can anyone in the know actually tell me what genetically at risk??? Geez, life sustaining biochemistry or AIDS research is BAD????? My best friend died from breast cancer...would I shut out a cure because it was made by the biotech industry??? Get a life folks!!!!!!! Other then they were mad at BIG BUSINESS, they have no beef!!! OHHHHHHH, I'M SHAKIN'

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