open letter to SKAA

by a southern california anarchist Friday, Jun. 29, 2001 at 11:15 PM

(open letter to the southern kalifornia anarchist alliance)

dear SKAA,

fuck you.

fuck you for coming to an action i put a huge amount of time and energy into organizing, and being completely completely disrespectful of every single fucking person you came into contact with.

fuck you for stealing trash cans and mattresses from the residents of the community the convergence space was in.

fuck you for coming to our convergence, stealing art supplies people spent a long time obtaining for our art projects, eating a ton of our food, bitching about everything, and not plugging in or helping out at all.

fuck you for disregarding our community agreements and bringing a large knife to the convergence space (if you want to disregard the community agreements of our action, organize your own fucking action...)

fuck you for coming to an action about biotechnology, not because you care about biotechnology, but because you just want another excuse to antagonize the cops.

fuck you for the gender dynamics you perpetuate. and fuck you 'cuz yer response to that is "but we have girls too" (which ignores the fact that, when making group decision, "rampage" talks about twice as much as all the girls combined)

and while we're being p.c., fuck you for being such a WHITE black bloc.

fuck you for yer "i don't care what i break, i just wanna break something" attitude and complete lack of political analysis.

fuck you for being completely ineffective.

fuck you for giving other an anarchists and other people who participate in black blocs a bad name through your immature actions.

fuck you for consistently putting other people in danger.

fuck you for sitting there at yer computer trying to figure out who i am (you won't guess it 'cuz you don't know me) instead of actually hearing what i'm saying to you.

this is a criticism and a challenge. take into account the things i've said here and incorporate them into yer future actions.

i double fucking dare you.


another souther california anarchist

Original: open letter to SKAA