Black Bloc's Refusal To Bow To Liberals (english)

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(originaly published on Is this dude for real?) by SKAA 1:09pm Mon Apr 16 '01 Response to appeals made by non-violent activists for the BB not to show up at the FTAA Border action

Southern Kalifornia Anarchist Alliance - Response to non-violent peace police:

We don't recognize any exlusive consensus that blocks actions of those not included in the discussion. Anarchists don't believe in other collectives making

descisions for them and how they will protest. Also, not all anarchists belive in "Direct Democracy", we aren't all interested in your boring talks of bullshit

arm chair idealism, and consensus on things that no one could understand accept middle class elitists with an ego trip. I'm already guessing that the people

who made this consensus are in DAN (Maybe I'm wrong, all liberal groups are the same), cos this is their style. So go jump up and down with your

symbolic middle class liberal bullshit non-violence, but other people want to get out a message to the fascist Amerika, and the fascist Mexican

government. Take down the borders now, or we will be forced to do it ourselves. This is a war, not a symbolic middle class student revolt. You and you

pacifist ideals which have kept people in repression for so long (Your worst than religion), can stuff yourselves. Fuck your appeals to corporation that

destroy our brothers and sisters, as well as our earth. Fuck your appeals to the governments who's only interest is in serving the rich. Fuck your

symbolism and refusal to not only act, but your self imposed tactics that have led millions to the slaughter (Look at the pascifists in Nazi Germany that told

the jewish people not to rise up). The difference between you and us is that we want to achieve freedom, you just want to talk about it to get your face on

the screen. Fuck you and your appeals to corporate media. See you at the Tijuana / San Diego border.

Insurrectionary love,

-Agent Pookie of the SKAA

Original: Black Bloc's Refusal To Bow To Liberals (english)