Bushes foreign policy and the future of the world

by Archangel Michael Saturday, Mar. 31, 2001 at 2:28 AM
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Bushes foreign policy and the future of the world

In March 199 a blistering stock market suddenly took a dive. Only in Silicon Valley and aerospace companies in the north west as well as high technology companies all over California , new the real reason of the beginning of the collapsing economy.

Bill Clinton's foreign policy and economy policies were one in the same. At the beginning of Bill Clinton's two terms in office, China along with Russia economies and country were in shambles. Clinton looked the savior. Both countries lobbied hard to get him elected. Both Russia and China needed some big help. They were about to crumble. China's backward regime was being ignored by Bush Sr. and Russia was dealing with instability of just coming out of communism government that totally failed. At the time the foreign policy with Russia was to keep a watch on their nuclear stock-piles , that, they had garnered up threw their decades of the cold war. What Bill Clinton saw in China was investment opportunities and a chance to be seen in American history as a sort of a savior to his countries fledgling economy. Rather then to isolate both China and Russia, and to force them to turn to a western form of republican government. He used his third way plan of investing in their country, rather than doing the right thing. Clinton made huge deals with Beijing that would produce all the necessities of American consumers needs. From Cooking ware, hardware, furniture, nic-knaks, decorations, textiles, machine parts and trade tools at vary cheap prices for the American consumer. What it would do for China is to give them an outlet to make some cash as well! A good solution for everyone right? Don't mention that China laborers work for 3 cents a day and they die on the job daily from Chinese communist government. All this got them to access American currency, in exchange the central Chinese government would collect enough money to in turn use it to but into American high technology sector's as satellite and rocket technologies and all the chips and computers that are needed for this high tech equipment to work. What you didn't know is that March 1999 as the stock market t was crashing and before the Kosovo war. Is that China with all this new access via Clinton-Gore administrations foreign policies, was put to a hault by the House and Congress, once it became public about the 2 1/2 year investigation of the Christopher Cox committee. That started the Stock market to tumble.! [Today special interest groups are lobbying to put back the easy access to American technologies and the Big companies who don't give a damm about nothing but all- mighty dollar, are willing to sell all the rest secrets that they just invented between March 1999 and now.! "Their is big cash involved in war.", it has been deemed threw history!

Bill Clinton's third way foreign policy was put down, by Congress on what shocking evidence the Christopher Cox report reveled in February 19, 1999 on Capital hill. Bill Clinton needed to divert attention away from the medias lull after the Monica impeachment trial was about over. The media was waring inside themselves at the dilemma's of helping China and America's sovereignty. Bill chose to wipe off the TV channels all attempts at discussing Chinagate as they termed it. That I now call EARTHGATE, for better reasons, with starting a war that was exaggerated beyond belief, with Lie after lie if we are to believe the United Nations rap up report. That their was indeed no mass genocide going on , and in fact Clinton's involvement was to defer attention away from scandals at home, and the most atrocious findings was that US forces with all their smart weapons killed 5 times more people than Melosevic killed in all then years he was in power and all this was done in a little as three month period!

What the news wasn't able to tell you for reasons of the war going on! Was that 16 OF 17 CROWN JEWELS OF US MOST ADVANCED NUCLEAR SECRETS WERE TRANSFERED TO CHINA UNDER THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. With its admissions of deletions and redactions for national security. The biggest damming evidence pointed to Clinton himself! Licensing all big companies who could bring in huge dollars to American economy for business contracts to make China's military a first rate power in the world able to battle America in an Nuclear war exchange and that satellite and high tech non-nuclear missile technology they would be on par with America as well! Clinton's foreign policy was to allow American missile and satellite companies like Loral and Hughes and Motorola to due business with China. The money would come back and create 100,000's of American jobs which it served its a purpose! What the congress understood but did not anticipate is that China's capacity to understand the high technology they were receiving and to dismantle satellites and retrieve vital chips that are exactly the same for military purpose use. This allowed them to become a first rate military and to be able to instigate their plans to dominate the world in 2020-2030. As they see a checkmate to America's hedgmony in this time frame. They will be able according to the Cox report in Feb 1999. to yield and deliver super bombs to targets in all area's of the United States. And that doing business with them. Was the wrong decision that Clinton-Gore administration did.

The decision of the Bush administration to cool relations with Russia and China in rational terms, Something that Bill Clinton's risk taker character allowed him to turn a blind eye too, or, maybe it was his nefarious plan to arm the Chinese to the hilt in his demented third way foreign policy. China was Bill's area and Russia was Gore area , and the decision of the Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission that sold weapons to Iran, and the China's military technology sales to to Iraq all in violation of the United Nations embargo that was purposely overlooked by Clinton-Gore team in the 90's all so finally stop endorsing South Korean President Kim Dae Jung's opening to North Korea under his " sunshine policy" can be explained with the argument that the North Korea President Kim Jong II keeps trying to obtain more aid by threatening to resume ballistic missile testings--Strait blackmail.

Bill Clinton's American interest in both countries finally lead them to become first world super powers, not contested anymore in the colleges and pentagon. The treason payoff was The economy. And many were comfortable with it! Why should they " give up three cars and five cell phones and all the toys they were able to buy!" All they had to do is turn their mind against their better judgment of the future danger to their country. And why would they care about the country as the world was going global anyway. Bill's third way policy was this exact approach! What you read now is what that policy was all about! The economy , the policy, the life America lead in the 90's. Short term gains at the price of the children coming into the world. People comforts of material abundance, pushed aside the worries of a dark and grim future that lies ahead for all of us. The world to late they will not care who fault it was! Its too late and the world lies in ruins.

The Congress voted to salvage American sovereignty, or at least what was left in a vote March 1999. They passed restrictions to contrary what Clinton's dreams of a totally open military technology market. War made money! Clinton made Money. It was all good! The licensing arrangement were no more. The increased difficulty of overseer companies to import American high tech lay dormant and unable to get around the new stricter laws. The stock market crashed and has been going down ever since.

After the Congress said screw you to the Russians and Chinese dreams of taking virtually all are secrets of what took US nearly 50 years to produce for a few measly good years of prosperity. Clinton's dream of uniting all three countries in a super state. He saw in his visions, a peaceful united country-world, where all economics would flourish and all markets would end up with a sort of minimum wage were all people would be sort of communized and live under the same equal economic plan. except of course for the leaders who would become the new gods on Earth. Who would have special privileges, not given to the majority. The opposite is being said that Bush decision has possibly hurt are relations with Russia and China. Yes they have formed a pact against America. And are helping each other out in military issues. Would Clinton's dream have worked? One might ask, then why do Chinese have a 8 point plan to concur the world and their number on enemy is United States of America. Bill Gertz and Columnist and foreign affaires expert for 25 years has covered the issue. That China does indeed have these plans and that the NSA has intercepted documents to prove this! Chinese espionage has been proven without a doubt at all! The China threat for example, is China wanting to take Taiwan back as its own. They have increased by recent acquisition of Russian Sukhoi jet fighters and Sovremenny cruisers armed with missile effective against U.S. aircraft carriers. It doesn't make sense for Washington to fallow in Clinton's footsteps and encourage more intense military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing, as Clinton -Gore did by selling them all the technologies they need to win a major world war!

Convinced that a powerful business lobbies will soon intervene to oppose harsh policies toward Beijing, like computer chips to run nuclear missiles. America's European two faced foreign policy allies will press Washington to do as Clinton did and sell military high technology to China and Russia again. That will restore favor and backing of all China's and Russian's foreign policy establishment, which in turn influences the mass media, who influence the poles of the American people who are in favor of Arming the eastern empires, for material comforts as discussed and, Bush's high job ratings will go up to that of Clinton's high point in his presidency, and the economy will boost back up to a bull market and win the hearts of the Anti-Americans who now inhabit America, who are Zombies of the alter of TV. This will stop the quarreling and make them willing to cooperate with Washington and make this world a happy place for a short while until China and Russia demand America's surrender with the blackmail that they will jointly saturate every county in America with nuclear weapons they were able to build do to all the companies that sold to them at Washington request! Washington needed approval ratings to stay in power and Russia and China will not tolerate American culture as they cannot adapt to it at any compatability with their culture!


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