R2K Imprisoned Female Protesters Embark On Water Strike

by unity2000 Friday, Aug. 11, 2000 at 4:00 PM

Over 300 Republican Convention Protesters Still in Custody: High Bail and Ludicrous Charges Levied by Philadelphia D.A.

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Female Protesters Embark On Water Strike

Over 300 Republican Convention Protesters Still in Custody:

High Bail and Ludicrous Charges Levied by Philadelphia D.A.

(August 09, 2000: Philadelphia) Today at 12 noon 40 protesters being held at the PICC correctional facility will raise the stakes in their battle with the city by halting their consumption of fluids until 4 major demands

are met.

After 24 hours of a hunger strike by 149 male and female

protesters, 40 women being held at the PICC vow to begin refusing water as well starting at 12 noon today. The activists are angry at the city's refusal to negotiate with R2K lawyers and are pressing forward with the strike in hopes the city will be forced to comply with their demands. "We are not afraid to put our lives on the line" said one activist only known as Homecookin' in a phone call to friends.

The women want the following demands met before they will avert the water strike:

1. DA Lynn Abraham must enter into negotiations in good faith with lawyers representing the protesters.

2. Release without bail of all prisoners held on misdemeanors.

3. Bail for those being held on felonies must be reduced to 1% of present level.

4. Adequate medical attention must be provided to those who need it.

Freed activists expressed concern for the women but also support.

"I am deeply worried about my friends at the PICC" said R2K member Dan Murphy "but I know they understand the risks and hopefully the city does too."

We need your help! Here's what you can do, in or out of Philadelphia:

* CALL THESE CITY OFFICIALS, and tell them you oppose the outrageous penalties these activists are facing. Demand that the protesters be released, together, to recieve medical treatment and due process of law. Ask everyone you can to do the same. Next, ask your city councilperson to


District Attorney Lynn Abraham

phone: 215-686-8701

Mayor John Street

phone: 215-686-2181

fax: 215-686-2180

City Solicitor Ken Trujillo

phone: 215-575-7260

* DONATE OR LEND THESE THINGS: *MONEY*, phone cards, the use of a car, cell phones, food, disposable cameras and videocameras to document the condition and testimony of released prisoners, computers, or office space with phone lines. We need money for a bail fund and for all our other

expenses. You can contact us to specify a particular use for your donation. Checks can be made out to ISMCH and sent to Philadelphia Direct Action Group, PO Box 40683, Phila., PA 19107-0683.

* VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME to do community outreach to inform people about this situation; to drive released prisoners from jails to our sites, or make deliveries between our sites; videotape testimonies from released arrestees; to help us find volunteer lawyers and law students; to work in

our medical clinic or counsel people suffering from trauma. Contact our volunteer coordinator by calling 215-435-6430.

* REACH OUT TO YOUR COMMUNITY by calling your local media and writing to your local papers, or organizing fundraisers, or local rallies -- or anything you can think of! Ask us to send someone to your community to

give a presentation on whatís going on. Weíll do anything we can.

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