by Lakota Friday, Aug. 04, 2000 at 11:57 AM

Police will have dragons breath air toxin, pepper spray, high velocity pepper spray ball guns, smokeless flash bags, weak nerve gas agent, various disrupter ammunition, rubber wooden and plastic bullets, various unlisted and classified explosives, Smokeless sponge round bombs. Learn proper protection methods.

errorExcuse the spelling in the document... I suck.
Weapon: Dragons Breath

Use/Description: Sprayed on an individual, a small vile of this horrible chemical agent can disperse any unruly crowd. The targeted protestor is sprayed then re-released back into the crowd. The scent he emits triggers a repulsive reaction in the brain of protestors. Will cause rapid dispersal. There are 3 differnt kinds of Dragons Breath(each kind reacts differntly with differnt people, on kind may may one person panic and another not care, if all 3 kinds are used EVERYONE will be effected). Once Dragons Breath is put on a person it is VERY HARD to get off, and person will reek horribly for several days, making contact with person nearly impossible.

-Unknown nuetralizing agent that all police carry, applied like sunblock just under officers nose. Officer is now immune to the smell.

-Soap that can remove Dragons Breath. Only the Police have this, if you want to get this stuff off you have to turn yourself in or wait it out.

-Lots of Clothing Layers. Always good, Dragons Breath smell wont be on you for as many days if it never touched your skin when initially applied. GET OUT OF THE CLOTHES ITS ON QUICKLY AND CAREFULLY. Be carful when removing clothes to make sure contaminated areas of clothes don't touch your body... and once out of the dragons breath clothes... THROW THEM AT A COP!!! :) Then he will know what its like :)

Weapon: Pepper spray

Use/Description: All police will carry a large amount of pepper spray. Expect this Chemical Agent to be used most frequently. Pepper spray can be shot on a person from distances up to 15 feet with smaller cans and with large backpack canisters up to 35 feet in a spray hose like manner. Pepper Spray burns the eyes, causes rashes on the skin, skin irratation, ear irritation, scalp burning, running nose and SEVERE DISCOMFORT. Do not get anywhere on body, it really does burn everywhere; especially if your skin is sensitive.


-Clothing Layers. Use it!

-Masks. Gas Masks (overkill but better safe then sorry), anything that covers the body and cant be soaked through.

-Goggles. Prolly the most important.

Weapon: Pepper Spray Pellets, Pepper Paint balls, Red Pepperball

Use/Description: These are fired from high powered paintball rifles. Paintball rifles have an adjustible velocity range that can go from 200 feet per sec to 1500 (depending on weapon, fuel, and ammo size). Paintballs are DANGEROUS. A paintball can break noses, deafen ears, blind eyes, and bruise everything. When filled with pepper spray and shot at body the liquid will penetrate the clothing and cause burning rashes on the skin causeing severe discomfort.


-Ear Protection. Use it if they start firing.

-Mask. Gas Mask is no longer overkill... in fact if they fire these GET ONE ON! Or a hard mask with no air holes... doesn't really exsit... hmmm, you'll figure out a good mask, but paintball mask are ineffective! The screen on the front of them makes the liquid spray in your face (not good when the liquid burns!)

-Alternative Clothing layers. Normal clothes might not work in protecting you from skin contact with the liquid. Due the viscosity (sp) of the liquid and the speed in which you are hit, the pepper spray will prolly soak into your clothes. Use gortex (sp), windbreakers, and other non-natural fibers that don't absorb liquid.

Weapon: Tear Gas, Weak Nerve Gas and any other visable dispersive gas.

Use/Description: Prolly not gonna be used because the risk to delegates and civilians, however the LAPD has PLENTY on hand... so there is always that chance. Causes vomitting, tearing, running of the nose, severe irritation of sinus senses, and general panic.


GAS MASK: BRING ONE... Bring two, the guy on the ground next to you crying and screaming may appriciate it.

Goggles: necissity

Weapon: 40 MM Exact Impact Smokeless Sponge Rounds

Use/Protection: The LAPD has over 1400 of these babys in stock, just for you. Im not sure on the exact effect of the weapon, but I know its purpose. The Exact Impact Smokeless Sponge Rounds provide a flashbag like bang that can stun, render people unconscience, and disperse people quickly in panic. Shot from a grenade launcher looking device, these provide a HUGE advantage for the police, they can now fire explosives that do damage into the crowd without smoke effecting the police or the 'innocent bystanders'. This also prevents the media from being able to photograph they're use as easily due to the fact that they dont leave unattractive war-like scenes behind them that were so highlighted at WTO. Now a camera has to photograph the explosion itself (quite tricky). THESE ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE USED THEN TEAR GAS.

Protection: NONE... RUN LIKE HELL. I recommend good running shoes (but no nike or anyother multi-national corporation!!!).

Weapon: Rubber, wooden, and plastic bullets

Use/Description: In WTO these horrible weapons were fired in peoples faces at close range, knocking out teeth, breaking cheek bones and doing a wide variety of extreme pain. These can peirce your skin and often do! They are bloody and painful, do not underestimate these. I don't know the likelyhood of use, but it hopefully wont happen.



-Face protection: Cops will aim at your head!

-Body protection: Anything you can think of, BUT DO NOT WEAR A BULLETPROOF VEST. In the state of california ANY CRIME COMMITTED WHILE WEARING A BULLETPROOF VEST IS A FELONY and jail time is increase by ALOT. DON'T DO IT!


Ok, anything anyone wants to add go ahead, in the comments. This is my experince from demonstrations and personal experience, I do not claim exact accuracy of anything. In fact, do your OWN RESEARCH AS WELL!