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2/1 The Living Wisdom Concert Series
2/5 The Masters of Wisdom & Transmission Meditation
2/7 For Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
2/21 Americans United for Separation of Church & State and Compassion & Choices
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Breaking Newswire (Unfiltered)

Blowback Against Israeli State Terror
Ukrainians Against War
Fake Russian Spy Ring Announced
US Official Insults Cubans
Reviving an Explosive Topic: Reducing Work Hours
Russia Counters US Big Lies with Hard Truths
Palimpseste sisyphéen
Palimpseste sisyphéen
Putin's Message to Washington on Ukraine
Rebirth of the One-Thousandth Society
Greek Election: Mixed Messages, Hold the Cheers
Some Of Those Touted As 2016 Presidential Candidates
America's War on Everything It Claims to Stand For
Marupol Shelling: Kiev's Latest False Flag?

Features (Editor-Written)

Occupy the Rose Parade
#BlackLivesMatter Massive Lawyer Die-In at Los Angeles Courthouse
Protesting Hewlett-Packard on Black Friday
Veterans Against Foreclosures Marches in San Fernando Veterans Day Parade
Activists Hold Prayer Vigil for Lexi Dillon and Jonah Rief in Orange County
Los Angeles Questions Oversized LAPD Response to Million Mask March
Ghosts of Wall Street Occupy Hollywood Blvd Halloween Night
The "Cleaning Up" of Venice
Columbus Day Protest, Downtown L.A.
Prop 1
Southern California Swarms to Save the Bees in Solidarity with Honey Bee Day Around the G

Selected Local News

Statement on Repression of Anarchist and Socialist Activity in Long Beach, CA
A Unique Theatrical Double Feature: “Dutchman” And “Train To Zakopane” At Edgemar Center
Occupy the Rose Parade: People’s Parade Follows Pasadena’s Tournament of Roses Parade
Demo Against Repression Outside Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles
The Electrical Divide: car charger deserts
ADI awards Congressman Jim Moran the 2014 Animal Champion Award for his dedication to end
#BlackLivesMatter Massive Lawyer Die-In at Los Angeles Courthouse
Liberal Majority Passes Sheriff's Civilian Review Board
KPFK in fund drive, yet again , but in deeperin trouble
INDY lost lots of concerned poster
FREE Silver Lake Consensus, Collaboration & Conflict Resolution Workshop w/STARHAWK
Protesting Hewlett-Packard on Black Friday
Wayne Pharr, Elder Freeman, Passed On in 2014
Some LA Ferguson Protest Links

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