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12/7 The Meaning of Trump's Victory - and what's next
12/9 7pm Womens Equality Forum
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The Shortwave Report 12/02/16 Listen Globally!
Bullet Force Live Hack
Gamification d'incommunicabilité
Fukushima quake rock's Japan's and the globe's
Award Winning Action Documentary "Lion Ark" Available on DVD
Donald Trump as the Antithesis of Liberal Politics
Paraphysique du suicide
Giving Tuesday celebration great news for animals
Geofeedia Exposed for Police Monitoring of Social Media
Community Organizations Rally for launch of "Empowerment Fashion Show"
Crashing the Party
Why Mainstream Economists are Responsible for Electing Donald Trump
An Uncertain Future for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Précis du négatif
The Shortwave Report 11/25/16 Listen Globally!

Features (Editor-Written)

Large Turnout for Dakota Pipeline Protest
Black Lives Matter Activist Jasmine Abdullah Sentenced to Three Months in Jail on Attempted Lynching Charge
California Safe Schools Honors 11 Year Old Daniel Randall
Liberated Political Prisoner Sekou Odinga Speaks Out
International Day of Solidarity with Leonard Peltier
Vigil for O'Day, Helen, Barry, and Carol-Ann Short, killed by racist terrorists in Fontana
Protest Los Angeles Sheriff Murder of Noel Aguilar
Sanders supporters rally in Pasadena for New Years Day
Porter Ranch Methane Leak Doesn't Bode Well for Climate
Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a Parable that Supports US Empire
Greed Energy Update
"Got Drought?"Public Art Project Unveiled on Billboards
Trans Day of Remembrance 2015
Kapparot Chicken Slaughter Causes Outrage
WW Broad & The War On Public Education In LA
Latest Long Beach Police Execution: Murder of Youth In Mental Distress
Foreclosure Victims Occupy Senate Stump Speech of Kamala Harris
Long Beach Police Execute Unarmed Teen Hector Morejon
Councilmember Bonin Calls People of Venice Outraged by Police Murder â??Outside Agitators"
L.A. Stands in Solidarity with Australian Aborigines
Families Protest Abusive Foreclosure Practices of Wells Fargo Bank
United Families For Justice Carry 617 Coffins to Downtown L.A.
City of Fullerton Conspires to Silence Free Press Following Hung Jury
Californians Shame Regulators for Teaching Big Oil How to Skirt Law and Pollute Our Water
Los Angeles Stands Up for Women's Rights

Selected Local News

Large Turnout for Dakota Pipeline Protest
Cruel Teacher Taunts 6th Grade Kids, Fired
How Cities Can Protect People Threatened By Trumpism
What ThisMeans, How This Happened, What to Do Now
Westside Thanksgiving for everyone in LA !
Non-violent protest ideas; hooch bomb recipe
Nuclear Shutdown News October 2016
State Legislature is where it's at
Tom Hayden on The Unfinished Business of Democracy
Video: Tom Hayden, Listen Yankee! 2015
Art About Privilege Censored on Facebook
SAG-AFTRA video game performers on strike

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